Loren Pete

Fitness became a strong passion of mine in 2014 when the owner of AnthroFit Training, Johnny, coached
me through my first NPC Bikini Competition. I placed 2 nd in a class full of beautiful, strong women; most
of which had been active in the fitness community for many, many years. Although I was student at the
time with a promising career path in the Pharmaceutical industry, I knew that I wanted to keep fitness a
major part of my life one way or another.

Now, years later, I can proudly say that I have accomplished just that, as I am currently an active
Personal Trainer for AnthroFit Training, as well as a full-time Drug Safety Associate for a CRO in the
greater Boston area. I am overjoyed that I have been able to successfully balance a career with
something that brings me so much happiness and gratification.

Fitness for me has become so much more than competing in body building shows, and even though that
is how I got my start, since then, my overall perception of health and fitness has drastically evolved. I
have developed such an appreciation for fitness because of the balance that it brings to my life, and to
the lives of my clients. Watching my clients grow into healthier, stronger individuals who now have a
more positive outlook on the gym, food, and most importantly, their body image, has given me the
verification that our approach at AnthroFit Training truly works.
Health and fitness shouldn’t be about suffering or depriving your body of what it loves, and if you decide
to train with us, it doesn’t have to be!


Feel more comfortable training at home?

Myself, as well as our other female trainers, specialize in our “fitness concierge” program, where we
come to YOU! No more walking outside in the cold winter months, or fighting busy city traffic just to get
your workout in. If you have a gym in your home or apartment building, ask us how you can get started
with a personal trainer at the utmost convenience for you!