Johnny Loreti

Anthrofit began as an idea, one that I always wished would become a reality.  I entered what many will call the real world 6 years ago, searching for my calling.  After a long voyage that resulted in 3 degrees, a number of different jobs in multiple industries, I finally found it (along with my future wife) in 2014.

My passion for health and fitness was deeply rooted as I’ve been active my entire life.  I competed as a sprinter for a Division 1 track program throughout my college years where I learned a ton about training.  Although I studied engineering, I always wanted to pursue a life where I could include fitness into my career but never found a way to.  After being introduced to the field of personal training and nutrition, I was enlightened to the idea that my aspirations could come true.

In addition to my schooling, I constantly read articles and case studies about trends in nutrition and working out, vastly expanding my knowledge.  As I began my personal training career, I flirted with the idea of competing in Men’s Physique.  After hiring a big name coach and receiving less than stellar services, I decided I’d go at this on my own.  After coaching myself through a number of shows and top finishes, I was confident I had a great system that’s the result of years of research and applied science that I wished to share.

My desire to push myself further than I thought I could, doing that extra rep, extra set, extra workout when I couldn’t imagined doing is what I live for.  Fitness to me is a gift, it’s something that I cherish and look forward to opening and sharing with the world each day.  I’ve shifted my focus to sharing this gift with our clients as we coach them through not only their fitness goals, but their life goals, making fitness a part of their long term plan.

I want each and every one of our clients to receive the absolute best individualized attention to their program.  It’s our goal to help each athlete to achieve theirs, to be better than they thought they could be, not only in the gym but in life.